the Gevalia experience In our experience, great taste takes time to develop. Like 150 years or so.

the Gevalia experience


We Swedes are incredibly passionate about our kaffe. Or as you call it, coffee. And for 150 years, we’ve poured every drop of that passion into crafting the rich, never bitter taste of Gevalia.

In 1853, Victor Theodor Engwall began importing the world’s finest beans to the humble seaside port of Gävle, Sweden. Word of the distinctive taste of Gevalia soon spread all the way to the Royal Court of Sweden, where Gevalia became the official purveyor to the royal family.

Today, we continue to handcraft a product inspired by the traditional cast-iron roasting of our founder. And every sip is a testament to our 150 years of Swedish coffee crafting experience. Which translates to a better coffee drinking experience for you.

Old Town, GÄvle

Birthplace of the rich, never bitter taste of Gevalia. Just imagine how many Fikas these streets have fueled. Home to the largest roastery in all of Scandinavia.

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The highest quality beans were imported here from all around the world, starting over 150 years ago. Today, we still grant our rich, never bitter taste safe passage into your cup.

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THE Gevalia Roastery

Home to the largest roastery in all of Scandinavia. When you're in Sweden stop by our original home for a tour, with frequent coffee breaks along the way.

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The royal court

For over a century, Gevalia has been the coffee of choice for the Swedish Royal Family. So our blends have been taste-tested for you by the King.

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It simply isn’t the Swedish way to boast. So you won’t hear us waxing on about how we handpick beans from all over the world, or slow roast them to give Gevalia its signature rich, never bitter taste.

Instead, the good people at Epicuriousity have done it for us.


We offer over 30 premium coffees, from intense dark roasts to exotic varietals, all selected by expert coffee buyers, then slow roasted to full-bodied perfection.

From the slopes of Mount Hualalai, Hawaii, searching for the perfect velvety-smooth Kona, all the way to the Malabar coast of India to find a crop of full-bodied Indian Malabar with accents of honey and clove, we travel the globe in search of all the best beans to call our own.

We could go on. But even if you don’t care at all about the origins of our coffee, you can be sure we’ll always deliver a taste that’s rich, never bitter.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

A fika made in the shade.
Introducing our new shade grown coffee. rich,
never bitter shade grown coffee.


Fika is the Swedish way to slow down, sip a coffee, have a chat, and take a break from the worries of your routine. We Swedes do it twice a day. With Gevalia, and perhaps a delicious pastry. But it’s not all about us. Yes, it is our tradition. But we encourage you to be a part of it, and Fika as well. By yourself. Or with others. At home. Or out in public. Do it just once, and you’ll see that the possibilities for Fika are endless.

But who are we to assume you haven’t Fikaed? In fact, for all we know, you could be Fikaing right now with a relaxing cup of Gevalia even as you’re reading this.

If so, good for you.